9 practical ways to remain focused and avoid distraction from the internet

9 practical ways to remain focused and avoid distraction from the internet

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The desire to be productive is inherently human. The challenge is however to respond to that desire and make sure that you can get things done how and when they need to get done. Enter distractions, especially in the present digital age, and you have a problem.
Consistent deep focus without yielding to distractions and interruptions is becoming more difficult every wake of day. It is not strange nowadays to see people text in the middle of a meeting or talking on their phone during dinner time with their loved ones. The internet while being an awesome resource is 95% distraction.
If you find yourself easily distracted you know that it significantly takes away from your productivity. You need to retrain your brain to focus and be fully engaged in what you are doing. Here are some tips to help you stay focused and avoid production impeding distractions especially from the internet.

1.Set Goals
Think of it, it is much easier to get distracted if you don’t have a set and well- articulated goal to work towards. Without a goal, anything that comes up will be given attention. People without goals also find it hard to manage leisure.

2.Disable the distracting website
The first and easiest way to avoid online distraction is to disable all websites that you know distract you. Disabling distracting sites is important because there are other sites that you have to get to in order to work. Most of the sites that you need to disable are your social media accounts.

There is various software that can enable you to disable any site. Most of them will allow you to set a timer for how long you would want to be off line. StayFocused works well on Chrome, Leechblock is good for Firefox. You can sample SelfControl if you are a Mac user.

3.Go air plane mode
You can always turn off all connections to your devices by setting it on airplane mode during your working sessions. This can be quite helpful if you don’t really need the internet to work. If you need the internet, you are likely to have tasks that don’t necessitate you to be online all the time. You can open the pages you need then turn off your computer’s internet connection. Do this as long as you will need to get things done.

4.Close work unrelated programs
At times, all it takes to focus is to shut down all the programs that are not related to whatever you are doing. Close the email client, web browser, the chat application, the media player and any other program that is not contributing to whatever it is that you are doing. The lesser the visual clutter, the greater the inspiration to focus and stay productive.

5.Use a timer
You can always set a timer on your computer or phone to help you set your mid to stay focused by not browsing for that period of time. Alternatively, you can set the timer for how long you want to browse then get focused on what you need to do.

6.Focus on the smallest and easiest part of your task at a time
The easiest way to kill productivity and motivation is to view the task at hand and your goals as huge gigantic challenges you have to overcome. Most goals take long enough to accomplish which may make you feel discouraged that the goal is too huge and the time is too long. Your mind will think that you are better off doing something else.

The best way to go about this is to start on the minimum and easiest amount of work. Every time you push past a minimum, you become motivated to take on the bigger ones

7.Do some focus exercises
You can significantly improve on your focus discipline by engaging in focus developing exercises. One good exercise to improve your discipline is meditation. Meditation is actually focus in practice where you take time to just dwell on one line of thought or even do nothing in particular. This way, you get to; have greater control over your emotions, build on your focus ability and at the same time deal with stress to clear your mind.
Pomodoro is another effective method. Pomodoro is a technique where you have focus sprints/ marathons followed by generous breaks. You will realize that with every focus sprint, you keep getting better at staying focused when it really matters.

8.Manage your momentums
Momentum is very important to ensure that you remain focused. The thing is that you should never take a complete break from your goals. Always remain connected to what you need to do. Break times and rest sessions should be used to visualize the task and how to go about it other than completely disengaging from the goal only to try to connect later. It is not an easy thing to get back on track once you have taken a complete break from what you are doing.
Every moment, you need to keep your mind engaged on something that is significant in the furtherance of our goals.

9.Use a dedicated browsing tool
This works well if you have more than one computing device. The idea is to be able to do your primary work on one device then browse the internet on a secondary device. You will need a mental jump to leave what you are working on just to go and browse or answer to a chat notification. The secondary or dedicated browsing device can be kept away and on silent mode to ensure it has lesser success competing for your attention.

Final word
Mental focus is something that can be learned and developed over time. The key is to start small, remain dedicated and consistent enough to see results. You can also make sure you remain motivated by coming up with a reward structure for yourself for every time you hit a milestone or complete a task within a given time frame. You can get colleagues at your work place to help you to challenge yourself into becoming a more focused and productive individual.

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